Who wants to meet up at Stitches West?!?!?!

That’s right, people. We will be attending Stitches West again this year. And since I’m getting married exactly one month from today, we’re making this a pseudo bachelorette party too! And by pseudo we mean just and by bachelorette we mean knitting. We actually thought of getting some hot strippers to hold our yarn while we hand wind, but then realized that would be an expensive swift! Even if it’d be droolworthy. Maybe we can meet up Saturday night somewhere?!

Woohoo! I am so excited to stitchelorette it up with my knittaz! And to have more than three hours to explore everything that Stitches has to offer, unlike last year!

Ha!!! Stitchelorette…so funny, wish I would’ve thought of it! But that’s why we blog together, right?! My current purchase plan is: 1 skein of yarn (haha, right…I know, I know), LoLo Bars, a cute tote, and a set of blocking wires. I know this probably is WAY under what I’ll actually purchase, but I’m more looking for a good time with friends then a good time spending money this year. WAIT…I forgot, Frosted Pumpkin will be there. I’m also getting some xstitch stuff too! And the list keeps growing…

Hahaha well you are (err well actually GRANT is) lucky that Jill Draper probably won’t have any Empires available because technically that’s “one skein”. Anyway… my list is pretty similar, I just want some LoLo Bars, one skein of yarn and possibly some xstitch stuff. I purchased the Thurlow hat pattern from Sweet Fiber last year and still haven’t knit it so I’ll be buying a semi-solid for that. Oh and Jennie the Potter will be there too so buttons and/or an adorable mug may or may not find it’s way into my luggage. Just sayin’.

Well shit. I forgot about Jennie the Potter. And I may or may not be going for a giant skein. I know that FishKnits will be there, so if the Canadiana is in stock, I know I’ll definitely be picking up on of those!

So far I know we’ll be hanging with: Jess (@sushipie), Ruth (@rockandpurl), Emily (@emilybrewer), Tami (@candyskein)

YES! I am so flippin’ excited to meet Emily for the first time, and of course to see everyone else that I’ve met before and love dearly. My good friend Kirsten @kirstenjane7 just started knitting recently so she will be joining us as well. And we also can’t forget Charlotte (@darjeelingtea)! I haven’t met her in person yet but we have a mutual love of poop and fart jokes so I know we will get along amazingly.

I don’t even know how I could have forgotten Charlotte! I talk to her like every day. Literally, ever day! I’m gonna ask her to scratch my back with her amazing nails! I know, it’s weird, but once you see her and those nails you’re going to be asking too. I’ve been counting down the days to stitches like I’ve been counting down the days to my wedding!

LOL Rijel, you’re such a creep. You know you can get some crazy fake nails too, right? Then you could scratch MY back. I am liking this idea already!

 So yeah anyway, if you’re planning on being there too give us a holler. We’d love to meet you and say hello. If you like poop and fart jokes EVEN BETTER!

Hopefully we can nail down a time and announce it on IG so you can come hang too! Unless you want to be a super creep like I usually am and just figure out where we are or DM us on IG and tell us where to be!

Wheatcrop Knittin’

What’s up my knittaz!!!! It’s already halfway through January so it’s about time to check-in with y’all about the Wheatcrop KAL. Since our last post I’ve finished my first swatch, blocked it, knit a second swatch, blocked it… and now I’m FINALLY knitting it for realz. Where you at Rij??!

After what feels like forever, I too am on the body! I’m just in to the second chart at what feels like a snails pace!

If you want to hear all the gory details of my personal swatching saga go on and read Ruth’s post about it here. She’s done a bang up job of explaining the details of my exciting two swatch start, as well as a lot of important details to keep in mind when swatching. If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s not to underestimate the importance of properly swatching. Rijel knows all about it because she had to knit two too!

Ugh. I too, am a tight knitter. So…my second swatch is even not on gauge.

We also realized is that the yarn that Rijel sourced and dyed for our projects is thinner than the yarn that Ruth used for the original design. Which we could have figured out by the fact that Rijel’s yarn has more yardage for the same weight, but who likes to think critically when you can swatch twice and figure it out the hard way instead?!

This pattern is addictive. Like, truly addictive. The first and second swatches flew off my needles!

So for those of  you knitting along, we definitely recommend swatching with a size 7US to start, rather than the 6US the pattern calls for.

YES!!! Unless you’re a really tight cabler/knitter…then you *may* want to even think about jumping up to a 8US.

Another lesson learned: if you don’t get gauge exactly it’s okay! It’s just important to be close. But just because you’re close doesn’t mean you should knit your size and hope it fits. Being off by as little as one stitch per 4″ can add up quickly. For example, I am actually knitting the 46″ size, but my finished garment will end up about 39″ at the bust. So use the maths Ruth provided in her blog post to calculate the actual measurement of a particular size with your gauge. Or if you’re shit at math like Rijel just send your info to me and I’ll do it for you.

Since I suck at Maths, as Steph said…cause she’s kind of a bitch, Stephanie and Ruth helped me to figure out which size to knit without having to knit a third swatch. Also, because last Valentine’s Day my wonderful and amazing man candy (AKA G$) bought me a pair of size 7 Signature circular needles and as life goes, there hasn’t been ONE single project that I’ve decided to knit where a 7 has been the right gauge. I was determined to make the needles work for this project.

Now that we’ve got the swatch talk out of the way can I rave about how much fun I’m having with this pattern? It looks SO complicated but it’s easy to memorize once you get started. And it changes just enough to keep me interested.

This is the absolute truth. This pattern is a ton of fun. I feel like I can just keep knitting…without even looking at the pattern because it’s fairly easy to commit to memory.

Do you want to hear an awesome story?

Ahh, fuck. They do! They really do. Do I want you guys to know how much of an idiot I can be? Probably.

Rijel loved the ribbing part so much that she knit an extra FIVE inches of it before she realized she needed to start the first chart!

This is true. Sadly. Steph even asked me if I wanted to borrow her pattern so I could make sure I was on the right track! I just dismissed it and was like, “Nah…I GOT this!” I did. I got it an extra 5 inches I had to rip back!

She laughed so hard at herself that she had to wipe her tears on her swatches. To be fair I laughed pretty hard too. I don’t think I’ll have to do crunches for like a week. Just kidding! I don’t do crunches. But I did laugh pretty hard!

Even reading this is making me laugh again! I can’t believe I can be SUCH a pompous ass! I mean, I can. That sounds exactly like me. And since I look like I’m in excruciating pain, because I was (laughing that hard for that long huuuuuurts) here’s the picture Steph snapped. I look like I’m dying. I also look like I ate a vat of lard. Check out that sweet double chin action!


Holy Shit, the Wheatcrop KAL is starting soon

Holy shit you guys, the Wheatcrop KAL is starting in 2 days. Insert “the scream” emoji here!

I feel like there is so much I need to do before we are ready to start! We need to select our sizes, order the yarn from Rijel and knit a swatch. Being the initiators of this KAL means that we should probably be a step ahead of you all, but you all should probably know to expect this from us (me) by now. Just sayin’.

Yeah…giant whoops! Go us for planning a KAL right after the holidays! At least we’ll all fully be in this together, right!?!?!

Exactly! Which is good because I’ll probably fuck something up. Multiple times. So first things first, selecting a size. I took a look at the pattern details and noticed that my bust measurement actually puts me between sizes. I have a 39″ bust and my options are 38″ or 42″. It is a zero ease garment, so which one do I choose? If it helps, I also have a freakishly long torso and very broad shoulders. I’m leaning toward the 42″ but am not entirely confident in that choice. Ruth… can you say anything to my choice in size? Do you have any tips or tricks that will help me choose the right one? And What about you Rijel? Do you know what size you’re going to knit?

(…Insert Ruth skooling us here, and telling me to go for 42″……)

Yes, Stephanie! Since you want a bit of positive ease built in to be able to layer the garment with a shirt or top underneath, the best thing for you to do is to go fo the 42″ AND then, measure your cross-back to decide how to proceed around the shoulder area. This is something I will cover in my blog for everyone. The tl;dr version is: When in between, go up. When you want layering, go up.

Unlike Stephanie, I have a fairly normal torso to leg ratio. I’m not quite as giraffe shaped. Yes. A giraffe. kid, I kid. Well, not about the regular normal torso thing. That is actually true. My bust measurement is a 34”, so I’m right on target with that one.

Ahhh okay that makes sense! Thanks Ruth! And shut up Rijel, I have a long torso, not a long neck! Maybe that’s why I love and relate to Heimers so much. ANYWAY… now that I know I’m going for the 42″ size, I have to figure out how much yarn I need. Since we’re using Black Market Wool’s Rollins Sport instead of the yarn the pattern calls for I need to do some maths. (See what I did there? I added an S to math. Because Ruth is British. And I’m making fun of her.)

I don’t math well. At all. Lucky for me I trap Ruth and her hubs every week and can probably tack them down to help me out when I do my swatch.

The yarn Ruth used for the original garment was measured in meters I converted it to yards (thanks Google). Comparing the results to the yardage of a skein of Rollins Sport show that they have approximately 35 yards MORE yarn per skein. So it’s pretty safe to just buy the same number of skeins as the pattern calls for. You will likely have left overs, but it’s better to have too much than not enough!

That’s what she said. Well, that’s what I always say…especially when it comes to desserts.

Bahaha. So true. However it is not true when it comes to venereal diseases. Anyway… since I have such a long torso I will have to add length to the pattern. So I’m going to get an extra skein just to be sure. How many skeins will you need Rijel? And more importantly…. What colorway are you going to use? And EVEN more importantly… what’s this I hear about Sweater Quantity discounts for our fellow KALers? TELL ME MORE!!!!

So, technically…I need 4 skeins. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to make sure I have 5 JUST IN CASE I get too crazy, or go nuts and want to make a matching hat, cowl, gloves, leg warmers, or all of the above! I have NO idea what color I’m going to use, but I’ve had my mind on the “Hey Mussels I❤ you” or “Grimace” colorways, so maybe one of those!

For you KALers, there will be a 15% discount when you purchase a sweater quantity. You’ll receive a coupon from Ruth when you purchase the pattern.

WOW that’s an awesome deal. Thanks for putting it on Rijel. You’re the best. I think I’m going to go with the “Canadian Tuxedo” colorway. NOW GIMME MY YARN.

Oh I almost forgot. The last step of prep we need to do is kind of the most important one. Swatch. I have some Rollins Sport leftover from another project so I’m just going to use that to swatch since I don’t have my yarn yet. Technically I should wait and swatch using the same yarn I’m going to use but I like living life on the edge.

The gauge size for the pattern is the standard 4″x4″ but Ruth is a swatch masochist so I knowww she’s going to make us knit them much bigger. Right Rijel? I think you might have some first hand experience with this… please tell us more, hee hee hee!

Fuck. I can hear her now. BIGGA…BIGGA…BIGGA!!!!! Knowing her, she’s gonna say 8” x 8” and I’m gonna cry and swear and stick my tongue out at her when she’s not looking.

 Well if you knew, why did you ask?? Behind the scenes, Stephanie and I discussed swatching and we agreed that if you CO 56 sts and work on the Transition Chart 1, you get a hefty swatch PLUS practice on the cables and stitches used, which means you will be better prepared to tackle the real deal when it gets down to it! You want to swatch with cables since that’s the biggest feature of the garment when it comes to tension: cables tend to “eat up” stitch width and so if you get gauge around the cables, chances are you will be on target for the rest.

UGH. Well I have to admit that I got a bit impatient and already started my swatch. And while it’s a task to knit such a large swatch I have to admit that I LOVE this pattern already. I’ve finished the Transition Chart 1 and have started working the upper front chart now. I’ll probably have to repeat it a few times to hit the 8″ length. And now I’m off to apply to the Guinness book of world records for biggest swatch in the world.

Wheatcrop KAL

It’s sweater knitting season!!!!!

And to celebrate, how about you join us for a KAL?!?! That’s a knit along for you n00bz.

There will be knitting.

There will be fun.

There will be PRIZES!!!!!

I’m sure you want to know what sweater we’ll be knitting, don’t you? Well, here’s a hint: It’s a sweater designed by our amazing co-host of this KAL, Ruth of Rock and Purl. Here’s another hint: It’s amazing.

Okay, okay…you’ve gotten this far, you deserve to know, it’s the Wheatcrop Jumper. It’s cabled and beautiful.

Wheatcrop Jumper

Check out the Wheatcrop Jumper here!

Are you swooning yet? I am the brilliant genius who picked this gorgeous jumper for my next sweater project and then Rijel said she wanted to knit it too… and then she posted it on IG… and a bunch of other cool people said ME TOO too! So then we realized… it’s KAL time! I just finished my first sweater ever about two months ago and now I’m hooked. It was the Ginny Cardigan for the KAL we did last spring. Yes I only just finished it recently and no you will probably not see it for a while. I really am the world’s worst blogger. BUT. One thing I realized after finishing that gorgeous thing is that a DK weight sweater in 100% wool isn’t really the most versatile sweater for our weather here in California. Plus I’m a nerd so I wanted to learn some new techniques. This sexy thing is sport weight, seamed (GASP) and has tons of gorgeous cable details.

Let me be the first to admit, when we were looking at sweaters for a KAL, I got nervous about this one. This will be my first seamed sweater. But then…Ruth said she’d host with us and what does that mean?!?! It means she will be there to answer my annoying and probably silly questions every step of the way. And you read that correctly, she will be co-hosting this KAL which means along with turning to us and other KALongers for help, she’ll also be around to help answer questions!

Ruth here! So, in terms of co-hosting, what will I do? I’ve decided that this will be a step-by-step walk. I want you all to be able to “graduate” from this KAL with the concepts and base knowledge to take on any garment pattern and not think of it as a daunting task! I will talk to you about gauge and why it’s important (I can hear you complaining, Rijel!). We will discuss your sizing, and how to adapt the pattern to longer torsos, as well as discussing sleeve width. I will also talk to you about modifying the neckline. When I first designed this garment, I was living in England and I envisioned it as a true gansey-style garment with a high neckline. However I understand if you don’t want to wear it like that, so I will chat to you about lowering the neckline for a more scoop-neck loop and maybe even a v-neck – so you can wear it with a shirt underneath as part of a layering outfit. And, saving the best for last, we will talk about seaming. I love seams and I think Rijel and Stephanie can both agree that having seen the garment in person, the seams add a certain touch and elegance!

Oh yeah. that’s another “first” I haven’t yet mentioned.This will be the first pattern of Ruth’s I will have the pleasure of knitting. I’m pretty darn excited, because not only do I love her design aesthetic, but I also love her design philosophy. She’s a big believer in writing patterns that are straightforward and easy to understand, even when the techniques being used are complex. So even though this sweater looks like it could be challenging to knit I have absolute faith that we can get through it with her help.

Now, the deetz:

KAL will start January 1st, 2015 and will end on April 1st.

There will also be some smaller PROGRESS prizes throughout the KAL… those are:

Patterns by Rock and Purl
Black Market Wool mini-skeins
Zipper pouches by Befadee

Any technical questions/comments should be posted to the Rock and Purl KAL forum for the quickest response. Get to her forum here: Rock & Purl

Black Market Wool is also offering a 15% discount on sweater quantity purchases for this knit along. Once you purchase the pattern from Rock & Purl, you’ll receive a coupon code to use at blackmarketwool.com for the duration of the KAL.

And for those greedy sons of bitches wondering if there are prizes that will be given at the end of the KAL in April, there ARE! Those will include:

1 skein Black Market Wool
1 Belt Bag by Befadee
Copy of a 2015 collection by Rock and Purl 
(there will be several to choose from)

Who wants in on a crafting getaway?!?!?!

For the 2nd year, Pick & Throw will be hosting a knitting/crafting getaway! Last year it was held in a small cabin in South Lake Tahoe with anywhere between 7-12 people on any given night. In 2014 we did 3 nights, Thursday – Sunday and we made a trip to Jimmy Beans Wool. It was a very relaxed environment with lots of crafting, bar-b-que, and movies.

This year we’re going to try something a little different. This year we’re going to try and make it more accessible for our neighbors south of us (AKA Los Angeles, San Diego, Arizona, etc.). We’re officially calling this trip the Halfway Getaway because we are trying to find a place halfway between Sacramento and Southern California.

If you were hoping for getaway outside of California, closer to you, we are trying to find a way to make that happen in the future!

At this time, we don’t have any particular place nailed down, but we do have some idea of what we are looking for. We do know that we will be getting away in July or August 2015. We are also brainstorming ideas of what might make this trip a success for everyone.

What we would like to get from you is an idea of what we can do to make this trip more accessible for you (budget, timing, things to do). We’ve created a simple survey to get some feedback on what you’re looking for. Please go to the link below. Feel free to give any feedback, positive or negative!


I. Love. This. Bag

I’m not sure you’ve seen it yet, but a while back I got an amazing bag from my co-blogger Stephanie (@befadee). I had this idea in my mind for years, but I’m a terrible seamstress and the one time I tried to make a version of it, it worked…but calling it shitty gives it too much credit. So, I asked Stephanie if she would make the thing I had in mind because we were going to Disneyland and I wanted to knit from my hip.

Dat. ASS.

Here it is, in all it’s glory. Oh, and an amazing ass by our great model, Ruth from rockandpurl.com

What she actually made was better than anything I had dreamed up in my mind. This bag had 2 super reinforced belt loops and a credit card sized pocket for me to put my stuff in. Then I took it to Disneyland. I found that where the pocket was situated made me feel uncomfortable as it was high inside the bag and I was constantly worried some asshole was going to come around and steal my cards. There was also no separate pocket for my phone, so it kept slipping down below the yarn and project, making it difficult to pull out easily for selfies. Because I take so many selfies. The next day Steph put a snap on the front and the following day back at Disneyland I felt way more secure, but my phone kept slipping down below my yarn. So, we discussed these issues and low and behold the Belt Bag No. 2.

Inside pocket holds an iPhone 6 AND up to 4 credit cards easily

Inside pocket holds an iPhone 6 AND up to 4 credit cards easily

This is the Befadee signature bag and let me tell you about version 2. It’s phenomenal. She redesigned the inner pocket and added the snap as a permanent feature (although the bag not on the belt is a whole other amazing store which I’ll get to in a few). The new pocket easily fits my iPhone 6 vertically along with a card keeper that holds 3 credit type cards and like 8 thick business cards. Although this pocket is larger, it doesn’t take away any room from the yarn and the needles. I used my bag without splitting it in to 2 yarn cakes for the socks I was knitting. The one cake fit comfortably with some extra room for a full project sock and even a snack or two. I’m sure the back would fit 2 cakes comfortably, but I haven’t had the chance to use the bag in that capacity. I wore the bag without putting the belt through any loops on my belt so that way I could easily move it around as I stood in lines or got on rides. I didn’t want to have the bag in the front of me all the time like an actual fanny pack and I didn’t want to end up sitting on it or hitting people with it in tight crowds.

How convenient!

How convenient! Now you too can get the strange looks in long lines AND receive oohs and ahhs from old women!

So, using this bag without it on your hip. As a standalone. As just a project bag.

It’s wonderful. No zipper to get your yarn caught on (because I’m horrified when this happens, even if it doesn’t actually affect the piece I’m working on) because there’s that snap I talked about earlier. Also, the thing stands up. Straight. Like a fucking bucket of yarny goodness. It doesn’t crumple on to itself like some other bags, it just sits open waiting for you to love and knit from it. It also has the inside pocket to hold things like scissors, stitch markers, and extra needles if you’re a dpn’er. So it works just as well without a belt as it does with one! In fact, I’ve been using more as a project bag then a belt bag.

Now, for my favorite part:

The fabric. Stephanie has chosen fabric that has won me over. The most recent fabrics she picked have a midcentury modern style, which is my shit. Like. That’s. My. Shit. It probably didn’t hurt that I was with her at Jimmy Beans Wool when she picked out the first round pointing and yelling “That one! That one!!!” every time I saw some fabric I loved. She’s gotten some more fabric in, but all of it complements the bag shape and style VERY well. It’s modern, sleek, and minimalist. But if you’re in to some other type of fabric, hit her up and she can probably find something to suit your wishes.

Whaaaaat?!?!? How AMAZING!!!

Whaaaaat?!?!? How AMAZING!!! Look how easy Ruth can sit and knit!

She’s befadee@gmail.com. Email her. Get a bag. Fondle your balls. Of YARN, you perv!!!

Fondling the bag...

Fondling the ball(s)

Karbonz vs Lantern Moon DPN review

On our wonderful knitting retreat in Tahoe, we were lucky enough to make time to take the trek to Reno and visit the amazing Jimmy Beans Wool.

UHHH Rijel I think you’re glossing over the fact that we had a KNITTING RETREAT IN TAHOE. I mean we can get back to that after raving about JBW, but seriously. It must be discussed in all of it’s glory. Imma let you finish though.

We. Went. Nuts. Like, seriously. It was LITERALLY a kid in a candy store. Except grown ass women in a giant yarn warehouse. But our eyes lit up the same way, we all started salivating, and our stomachs were doing butterflies the whole ride there.

When we walked into the warehouse for the tour I just about shit my pants. I have never seen so much yarn in one place before. Well I mean that’s a bit of a lie because I have been to Stitches West, but seeing it all laid out like that in a giant warehouse was just breathtaking.

While we were there I may have enhanced my stash. BUT…I only got 2 skeins. I got a skein of Mrs. Crosby because I’d never heard of it (apparently it’s something Lorna’s Laces has put out) and a skein of Vice yarn who I’d also never heard of. As I was standing in line I saw @sushipie holding a the last skein of this wonderful dark blue/purpleish color and BRIGHT pink. I had to have it. So I was able to go back to the warehouse and grab a skein with the adorable girl who was ringing me up.

I may or may not have been the lucky (unlucky?) winner of the most money spent award. Rijel and I bought (and split) two sets of DPNs to use for our sock blankets we started. The idea is that we’ll review them soon but being the shittiest blogger ever I’d say don’t get your hopes up right now. In any case we bought the Karbonz DPNs and some Lantern Moons in some sort of wood. I know it’s not ebony but I’m brain farting right now on what it IS. Rijel will know though.

It’s Rosewood, ya dummy!

Oh yeah, Rosewood! Duh. I also bought a 3 pack of Koigu to split with Rijel and Tami for our sock blankets, a couple of unicorn tails from Mad Tosh because they’re bright as fuck and I couldn’t resist, LoLo bars for me and for gifts, and the biggest money suck of them all, a BUTTLOAD of fabric. After making the bags for the Tahoe Kit we collaborated with X, Y and Z on I was highly encouraged by everyone to start making and selling them for a real business. Being the follower I am, I’m doing it… so hopefully they weren’t lying to me and you all will buy them too!

Steph and I also started a scrappy sock blanket. So, instead of using circular needles, we decided to get some 6” DPNs as Tami from Candy Skein suggested. So we got 2 types. A pair of Karbonz and a pair of Lantern Moon. Here’s my blanket, pictured on a dirty bench. 

putting knitting on dirty things

Rijel’s blanket

Oh. I guess I should probably read through all of Rijel’s post before I start writing because she already talked about the sock blanket etc. Oh well, I put mine first so it’s gonna look like she’s the redundant one. HA!


This is a shitty picture. But I think you get the idea. Karbonz on the left, Rosewood Lantern Moon on the right.

Since we’ll never do a REAL review, here are my thoughts on the 2 sets of DPNs we got. First off, they’re 6” DPNs. We bought this length based on Tami’s recommendation. She was saying that 7” needles get too long and start to catch on other parts of the blanket. I started my blanket with circulars and the cable was getting in the way for me, which is why I converted.

So…the Karbonz are what I like best. I have this thing about noises needles make and I really like the way the Karbonz sound. They sound solid when the tips hit and they’re light weight. They also don’t bend as I’ve been using them.

Unlike Rijel I don’t typically give a shit what the needles sound like. With that being said the Karbonz DO sound pretty amazing. They are a great length, feel substantial yet lightweight, and are sturdy as hell. All in all an excellent choice for DPNs. I was grateful to give them a second chance, as my first purchase of them about 6 months ago ended with one tip coming off and another’s coating starting to peel less than a week after I bought them. So it seems they’ve gotten some of their initial production issues ironed out as neither of those are an issue at all with this set.

The Lantern Moon Rosewood needles are softer wood and I don’t care for the noise they make. It’s a dull thud as opposed to the “tink, tink, tink” I love so much. Since they’re wooden, they also bend as I use them because I usually have a tight grip on them. I’m often afraid I’ll snap ‘em in half. However, they are much better to use when I’m on the more “splitty” type yarns as they’re a little wider at the point.

I actually really enjoyed the Lantern Moon sox stix and don’t mind the sound they make at all. Although I also wouldn’t typically buy a pair of needles that are as pricey as these since I’m perfectly happy with cheaper options like the Karbonz. But that aside the wood feels great in my hands (heh heh heh), and I actually like the flexibility as it makes them softer and easier to handle. I find that over time they are gentler to use so I can see why a lot of women with arthritis and carpal tunnel issues tend to prefer the wooden shafts (heh heh). I also found that by using them I was forced to loosen my grip while knitting, due to a legitimate fear of snapping them in half! So I think it’s a great way to train oneself to loosen up. Hint Hint. Cough Cough. Rijel.😀

putting knitting on dirty things

Stephanie’s blanket








Oh shit, yeah! We also had a knitting retreat in Tahoe! That’s actually WAY more important then some silly needle review! This little trip was planned by Steph and I waaaaay back when. Like, almost as soon as we met we decided we needed to get some people together to stick them in a cabin with us, before actually meeting us in person in hopes that no one is a serial killer, or rapist, or thief, or something else totally heinous. So, we put this together and found a place on AirB&B and got people to chip in. Then the magic happened and people actually were interested in hanging out with us dirtbags who swear like sailors and have no filter! We were able to sweet talk the following in to going:

@socalmeaghan, @sushipie, @jdhodgdon, @candyskein, @sarahelena, @rockandpurl, and @jasmnflwrs

It was awesome to hang out with all these wonderful people and meeting @sarahelena and @rockandpurl in person for the first time! I was so excited they could make it out! 


Who wants to win some socks?!?!?!

Raffle time!!!!

@socalmeaghan, @seaandlake, @candyskein, @befadee, and @rijelviolet have teamed up to bring you something amazing and fantastic!

Unfortunately we can’t share the entire details with you yet, but we CAN provide you with a teaser AND a chance to win socks made by the wonderful and fantastic @socalmeaghan.

If you’re fortunate enough to win, you will receive a pair of socks out of the colorway Emerald Bay dyed by Black Market Wool.

Emerald bay.jpg

We’ve decided that instead of a giveaway where you post to win and gain us more followers, we’re going to do a raffle. Do you love animals? Do you want socks that will fit your feet so perfectly you’ll never want to take them off? Do you want to know how to enter to win??!?!??! Well, here are the deetz:

To get in on this and win a pair of socks, it’s $5 per entry. I know what you’re thinking, what the heck? You guys just want my money! Well, we do…but we won’t be getting it $5 at a time!

Your $5 will be going to RedRover. They are a nonprofit in Sacramento, CA that rescues and helps animals in need. They help with natural disaster relief for pets and even provide grants for people who are no-income or low-income to help cover costs of seriously injured pets.

So, if you want to participate AND help some unfortunate pets, head on over to www.redrover.org, hover on “donate” at the top of the page and click “make a donation.” Here you’ll be able to make your donation. As it was said before, it’s $5 per donation, so if you feel like donating $10, your name will be entered 2 times, $15 – 3 times, $20 – 4 times, $25…you get it, right? Yep, FIVE times your name would be entered for the raffle.

Now, the important part: Once you’ve donated, you will receive an email back. The email will have your address (which Megs will need to be able to ship the winner beautiful socks), and the amount donated (which will be needed to put your name in the raffle). Forward this email, along with your US shoe size to: pick.throw@gmail.com as Stephanie and Rijel will be monitoring this email and adding your names to the list for the raffle. Also, if you are participating with us on Instagram, if you’ve donated and then re-posted our photo, you can gain an additional free entry. Just make sure to let us know in the email.

The winner will be chosen on Thursday, July 3rd!

Stay tuned for that something amazing and fantastic that was mentioned earlier!

It’s June…and we suck at blogging…obviously

            Yes, we drafted blogs for April and May. No, we did not post them. We were far too lazy/busy/lazy to get some decent photos for the blog…so our posts went on living in draft mode.

I will take the brunt of the blame on that one though, Rijel has been very diligent about reminding me to write and all that, I just haven’t. And she probably gets sick of constantly reminding me and seeing no progress, so she stops reminding me and then it never happens. I really have no excuse except that I’m the world’s shittiest blogger. I am actually thinking about applying to the Guiness Book of World Records for that title. I think I would win.

However…here’s the latest updates:

We knit a lot of shit. Well, I did. Stephanie pretended like she was knitting, but really she was hanging at the river and doing outdoorsy stuff instead of living up the hermit life style.

Hey! As the single one in this party of two, my priorities are a little different. I mean I love knitting and all, but I’m not going to meet any babes knitting on my couch in my underwear watching Survivor. I just started online dating so yeah, I’ve been pretty busy. It’s been fun and all but I don’t love how much it’s cut into my knitting and blogging time. I’m trying to find the balance but it’s summer, the weather is beautiful, and I need to get laid! Once the fall sets in and I forget about boys because SNOWBOARDING, I’ll be back on track with my knitting for sure.

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I went on an epic trip to Belgium and then to New York. While I was in Belgium I was able to get some amazing yarn from a little shop in Brussels and I picked up a skein each at Purl Soho and Brooklyn General.

She also saw the Maniquen Pis. Because who doesn’t want to see a world famous fountain of a little boy peeing. I’m telling ya, it’s riveting.

That’s true. I did see a little brown boy peeing in to a fountain. It was awesome. While I was on my trip I intended to knit a shit ton. In fact, I didn’t feel that the 4 projects I brought were enough. But apparently they were more than enough. I didn’t finish one single fucking project! Cause I was too busy being awesome and exploring like any good traveler! I also read a lot instead if knitting. Something that rarely happens except on vacations.

So since April, I have finished:

MKAL socks with SoCalMeaghan in Evil Twin by Black Market Wool in The Milo twisted sock20140608-184433-67473963.jpg

Hubband socks (which were happily worn by the groom at the wedding we attended in NYC) in Terzulli by Black Market Wool in Costello sock

Terzulli Wedding Socks

Improvised Hermoine’s every day socks in a lonely skein by Black Market Wool in Rollins Twisted SockIMG_0493

Hermoine’s every day socks in Sweet Clover by Candy SkeinIMG_0091

Clincher shawl in Bloom by Lynai Yarns and Cascade 


Sockhead in Zissou by Black Market Wool in Rollins Twisted SockZissou Sockhead

Sockhead in Rotten Rothen by Black Market Wool in Rollins Twisted Sock

Bandana cowl in Rotten Rothen by Black Market Wool in Rollins Chunky


Bandana cowl in Gummy Shark by  Candy Skein


Thurlow hat in Code Blue by Black Market Wool in Rollins Worsted.


I also knit a bunch of tiny things for test knits for Hanahsaurusrex.Tiny things

Wow. That’s a lot more than I remember finishing!!! On the needles right now are:

2 sockheads, one in Just. Perfect. in Rollins smooth sock by Black Market Wool and one in a REALLY ugly yarn for my dad in yellow and brown.

Collywobbles in A Stash Addict yarn (my May socks…whoops!)IMG_0638

Froot Loops in Manos Del Uruguay in Tannat


I also started a sock scrap blanket. I fell in love with candyskein’s and oocha’s blankets and decided I need one for myself! I’m only a couple squares in.

My list is not as long and varied as Rijel’s, as per usual. Since April I’ve finished… uhhh… well a sockhead hat in Invictus Yarns. And on my needles right now are… my second February sock, my second March sock, my May socks (TUK KAL!), and of course my Ginny. Sooo basically I lose at knitting right now. But the babes have been delightful!20140608-171416.jpg

Hopefully it won’t take us so long to update next time! But it probably will, because like the title says…we suck at blogging.


Is that a new logo?!

Why yes, yes it is. The wonderfully talented and amazing Alicia (@seaandlake on Instagram) made the wonderful header for us! That being said, if you need any help with design, or if you want fabulous greeting cards, journals, etc. definitely check out her Etsy!!! You can find it here: seaandlake

A couple of days ago Rijel was asked to show our dear friend Meaghan her little trick to cabling without a cable needle to get through some of the Heliopath Vest. These cables all cable the same way, so Rijel made a quick little video so Meaghan could get rid of that damned 3rd needle! After Meaghan started zooming away on her vest, she posted about it and some other people asked for the video. The video has been emailed and text to several people, but in an effort to make it easier for everyone who wants to hear Heimdall yell and get the down low on cabling made a bit less of a hassle, it has been uploaded to YouTube. You can watch it here:


If you have any questions or need any help, just leave a comment!